Claudine Schneider

Claudine Schneider is a Renaissance woman. She is a policymaker, businesswoman, activist and artist with a distinguished record of accomplishments. She has been called a "futurist" for her ability to discern --and act decisively-- on important issues such as climate change, clean energy and biodiversity decades before these topics caught the attention of national and international leaders.

I sincerely believe that the United States is in a significant transition period – as substantial and as historic as the shift from the Dark Ages to the Enlightenment/Renaissance.

We can neither shift rapidly nor can we presume that ‘business as usual’ will bring us the same benefits and success as it did in the past. The way forward is one of sustainable development, clean tech jobs, and green communities. Happily, this transition is well on its way.

My goal is to: optimize my knowledge, skills and experience to facilitate and accelerate this transition for Governments, Business, NGOs or Foundations either in the U.S. or anywhere in the world.