The Honorable Claudine Schneider

“After many years of working with Claudine Schneider, I have enormous respect and admiration for the quality of her analysis and strategic insights, for her uncommon gifts as a communicator, and for her ability to identify core issues and generate options for addressing them. She is unambiguously first-rate.”

Mark A. Goldberg, Chairman of the Climate Institute

"I have had the pleasure of hearing Claudine speak, both in the Boardroom and to a huge audience. Her message is always lucid, thoughtful, inclusive, factual, compelling…..and perhaps, most of all -motivating and inspiring!"

Amy Townsend, Ph.D., President, Sustainable Development International Corp.
Author: The Smart Office, Exploring Sustainable Biodiesel, Green Business, Business Ecology
Adjunct Professor, The George Washington University and James Madison University

“When you want to know the most cost effective, positive, successful way to get from point A to Point B, call Claudine! If you want to move a mountain, she’ll lead, enlist others to join in, keep them smiling, find the shovels, properly dispose of the dirt AND will persevere until the job is done.”

 Eric Schaeffer, Director, The Environmental Integrity Project