Claudine Schneider

Goals, Skills, Resume Summary, and Recommendations

I sincerely believe that the United States is in a significant transition period – as substantial and as historic as the shift from the Dark Ages to the Enlightenment/Renaissance.

We can neither shift rapidly (within 4 years), nor can we presume that ‘business as usual’ will bring us the same benefits and success as it did in the past. The way forward is one of sustainable development, clean tech jobs, and green communities. Happily, this transition is well on its way.

My Goal is to: optimize my knowledge, skills and experience to facilitate and accelerate this transition for Governments, Business, NGOs or Foundations either in the U.S. or anywhere in the world.

“After many years of working with Claudine Schneider, I have enormous respect and admiration for the quality of her analysis and strategic insights, for her uncommon gifts as a communicator, and for her ability to identify core issues and generate options for addressing them. She is unambiguously first-rate.”

Mark A. Goldberg Chairman of the Climate Institute


1. Transformational Leadership:

Example: Founded 2 Non-Profit organizations (Results: Assembled the first environmental legal talent in R.I.; Stopped the first nuclear plant that was well along in the licensing process.) Co-Founded the Competitiveness Caucus in the U.S. Congress – ( Results: Transformative legislation). Co-Produced an Emmy Award winning TV series (Influenced U.S./Soviet relations) Co-Founded Energia Global – an early, international energy efficiency and renewable energy company.(Result – substantial profits from a 10 year exit strategy)

“When you want to know the most cost effective, positive, successful way to get from point A to Point B, call Claudine! If you want to move a mountain, she’ll lead, enlist others to join in, keep them smiling, find the shovels, properly dispose of the dirt AND will persevere until the job is done.”

Eric Schaeffer, Director, The Environmental Integrity Project

2. Creative Problem Solving:

Example: When a Green Building Certification Firm said they wanted to increase market share – I proposed a strategic alliance with the American Association of Community Colleges (reasoning that often tradesmen/women emerge from, or return to community colleges for their training). I then suggested a demonstration project, which was the enlisting of an entire state’s community college system.

3. Strategic Communication:

Presentation, facilitation and negotiation skills are all a part of my offerings.

Example: From briefing Margaret Thatcher, or delivering a speech in French or Spanish, to co- hosting the CNN coverage of the Senate Chief Justice Confirmation hearings on Clarence Thomas, or participating with Prince Charles in a BBC film on Climate Change, all are part of my varied experiences.

” I have had the pleasure of hearing Claudine speak, both in the Boardroom and to a huge audience. Her message is always lucid, thoughtful, inclusive, factual, compelling…..and perhaps, most of all -motivating and inspiring!”

Amy Townsend, Ph.D.
President, Sustainable Development International Corp.
Author: The Smart Office, Exploring Sustainable Biodiesel, Green Business, Business Ecology
Adjunct Professor, The George Washington University and James Madison University

4. Forecasting – Anticipating the Future:

Analyzing trends, developing scenarios, risk avoidance

Example: Anticipating the impending need for greater energy efficiency I worked with the appliance industry and environmental community to craft and pass the first Energy Efficiency Standards legislation – resulting in ongoing savings of billions of dollars for industry and consumers.


Progressive leader in policies related to Climate, Energy, Environment and Ecological Economics, with legislative credentials at the forefront of enlightened policies to drive global environmental responsibility while proactively enhancing U.S. competitiveness.

Seasoned business professional, with broad experience in both consulting and executive roles and critical expertise in the arenas of corporate responsibility: transparency, diversity, sustainability and philanthropy.

Dynamic communicator, with extensive experience speaking and writing to diverse audiences worldwide, with the proven ability to convey highly technical concepts to both lay and expert stakeholders.

Visionary strategist, with a well-established track record as an early-adopter and effective advocate for environmental, economic, business and political trends at the national and international level.

Responsible world citizen, with a clear commitment to social justice and economic health in the developing world, coupled with the innate ability to build bridges of understanding across cultures.